Facial recognition tech will affect the trans community

Facial recognition technology is still in the nascent stages of development, and we’ve already seen many ways it can go wrong, specially it dramatically affects the trans community.

Facial recognition tech will affect the trans communityAI researcher Os Keyesat from the University of Washington has presented several “nightmare scenarios” for transgender people that could result from the deployment of facial recognition tech and in some cases, they end with the person being killed.

Keyes noted how some apartment buildings are considering the use of facial recognition tech for entry, the idea is a resident would show their face, and the system would recognize them and unlock the door.

Keyes told that because some systems have trouble recognizing transgender or gender non-conforming people, they could be flagged, leading to law enforcement being called to the scene and that could prove deadly for trans people, particularly those of color.

Keyes isn’t just concerned about how facial recognition tech will affect the trans community, though. Another worry is that it doesn’t benefit any members of society enough to warrant further development.

“I would like to see facial recognition development and usage just made straight-up illegal because I don’t think this is a technology with redeeming features,” Keyes told.

“Nobody has been able to point me to a use case that directly benefits humanity that can’t be solved with other means. It’s so obviously ripe for abuse and has already been [so] abused that it’s not worth doing.”

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