Breathe to survive or don’t to live ?

Air Pollution is often declared a public health emergency in cities like Lahore and Karachi. Lahore was recently put on number 1 due to hazard breathe by World Air Quality Index Rankings.

Breathe to survive or don't to live ?Followed by some major cities of India and experts advised to avoid inhaling air directly as it can prove to be seriously harming. Statistics according to the World Health Organization (WHO) state up to 3 million deaths a year linked directly to air pollution.

With pollution being a leading cause of deaths in the country, environmental experts have been urging the governments to take corrective actions.

One such example is the prohibition of burning stubble which leads to the seasonal smog in Lahore. However, such actions have a flipside leaving some people jobless as those stubbles are burnt to prepare for the next planting by farmers.

We find similar conditions in our households. In fact, the combined statistics of outdoor and indoor pollution have shown to be the cause of 6.5 million deaths every year on average.

What causes Indoor pollution? There are endless possibilities, the very obvious ones include smoking, foul odor and chemicals in products we may use to clean around the house.

People have started becoming aware of this and we have witnessed an increase in the use of clean air houseplants and water to stay hydrated. Recently, HEPA (High efficiency particulate air) filters have also made a breakthrough known to be very effective in filtering dirt mites along with other toxins.

According to GlobalNewsWire the market of Industrial Air Filtration would hit $6.5 billion by 2024 aided by the technological advancements of eco-friendly HEPA filters.

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