Samsung unveils new flipped vertical TV for millennials

Samsung wants millennials to use the new TV entitled as ‘Sero’ as a mobile phone by making the device functional horizontally and, for the first time, vertically. 

Samsung unveils new flipped vertical TV for millennialsThe Sero – Samsung’s latest installment to its TV lineup is capable of rotating vertically to mimic content orientation on mobile phones. 

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The company says the design, which can switch between horizontal and vertical modes by just pressing a button, aims to capitalize on the growing number of users engaging in more dedicated and long term viewing on their mobile devices.

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The 43-inch TV, which sits atop a navy blue stand, is also voice-command ready, with a built in microphone that is controlled by Samsung’s personal voice-assistant, Bixby. 

Once in its vertical orientation, Samsung also says the TV, which is equipped with 4.1 channel 60 watt speakers, can double as a standalone music kiosk with a built-in visualizer.

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Samsung’s Sero will add to what the company is calling a new wave of ‘lifestyle’ TV’s that offer varying design and conceptual riffs on conventional products

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