Brick kilns to be converted to zigzag tech by Dec 2019

To confront with the disturbing environmental pollution issue the Environment Protection Department (EPD) orders all traditional brick kilns to be converted to zigzag technology by the end of December 2019.

Brick kilns to be converted to zigzag tech by Dec 2019Punjab Minister for Environment Protection Muhammad Rizwan said that the use of zigzag technology in production and operations of kilns could minimize effects of burning coal on environment and lessen the fuel consumption up to 30 per cent.

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The ultimate aim of this moot is that the kiln owners in Punjab needs to take up this new technology without any panic as it gives improved eminence bricks and reduces coal consumption. TEVTA authorities are also directed to give training to brick kiln owners in this concern.

Secretary EPD Asad Gillani pledged full hold up of his department to the association both in terms of human and capital resources for adaptation of all traditional brick kilns to the new technology to battle environmental pollution in the province to make a healthier nation.

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All Pakistan Brick Kiln Owners Association President Muhammad Shoaib Khan Niazi, General Secretary Mehr Abdul Haq attended the moot to tackle the environmental pollution.

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