Sehat Kahani launched telehealth mobile application

The immense need of telehealth applications required in evolving science and technology age. This leads to the launch of Sehat Kahani Mobile health Application on 29th April 2019 at Nest I/O Karachi, in collaboration with Pakistan’s Tech Company, 10Pearls.

Sehat Kahani launched telehealth mobile applicationPakistan’s dire need for adequate health services can only be met by creating innovations that incorporate health and technology.

Keeping in view, Sehat Kahani a health tech social enterprise aims to accommodate health care for all using a network of qualified and previous untapped network of female doctors utilizing telemedicine.

The main features of the application allow a patient to testimony their health history, chat or conduct an audio/video consultation with an accessible network of qualified doctors and get hold of a prescription as well as the facility at home pharmacy delivery and lab tests to augment expediency for people who work hard to make ends meet for their families.

To make healthcare easily reached to all Sehat Kahani and 10Pearls jointly put an effort and has begun mobile Telemedicine care for the ample as a step in Pakistan that will ultimately change the healthcare landscape.

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