US-Pak trade aims to Create Jobs & economic growth

As part of ongoing efforts to create jobs and economic growth in both countries, Pakistan and the United States on May 2nd held regular consultations under the U.S.-Pakistan Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA). 

US-Pak trade aims to Create Jobs & economic growth

The goal of the TIFA meetings is to expand bilateral trade and investment in both goods and services.

At the meeting, both sides discussed ways to improve access for products, such as agricultural goods and medicines, in each other’s markets.  Additionally, given the growth in the digital economy in both countries, discussions about how to improve services and digital trade between the United States and Pakistan took place.

 While both sides desire to strengthen digital trade, the two sides also looked at ways to strengthen intellectual property rights,economic growth and the business climate in Pakistan.

Additionally, both sides brought up important topics such as such as economic empowerment for women, labor reforms, and skill development for workers. 

Pakistan concluded the discussions with an update on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Special Economic Zones established under the project to encourage trade.

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