Reclaimed water wetland park develops in Beijing

A tree-planting activity was held today in Gaobeidian, a town in eastern Beijing, at the site of its China Water Valley ecological project.

Reclaimed water wetland park develops in Beijing

The aim was to raise public awareness that “clear waters and green mountains are invaluable assets” and to put this idea into practice. About 800 people, comprising officials from Beijing Drainage Group, Gaobeidian Town and Banbidian Village, villagers and students took part.

The China Water Valley ecological project is located at the junction of Beijing’s functional core area and the subsidiary administrative center. With the advancement of the construction of the sub-center, the upgrading of the landscape along the line has become an important task. 

The reclaimed water wetland park currently under construction covers around 1,000 acres, with the Tonghui River as the dividing line, and spreads out gradually from the East Fourth Ring Road to the East Fifth Ring along Guangqu Road.

China Water Valley is the first phase of the construction of Gaobeidian’s ecological water town project. Jointly built by the People’s Government of Gaobeidian Town, Banbidian Village and Beijing Drainage Group, it is the only large-scale wetland park in Asia using reclaimed water as the sole water source. It is the tribute project set up by the city’s Chaoyang District to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

It also represents an effort by Banbidian Village to promote the construction of a beautiful countryside. The project aims to create a wetland park integrating landscape, ecology, technology, and urban public space.

The water is produced by Gaobeidian Reclaimed Water Plant, largest in the world. After a series of bio-natural purification processes in the valley, the water is restored to its natural ecological state.

China Water Valley covers an area of 638,000 square meters, with a green area of 388,000 square meters and wetland water surface area of 160,000 square meters, accounting for 60.8% and 25% of the area respectively.

The overall aim of the ecological project is to promote the sustainable development of the local economy. With the completion of the construction of the ecological water township in Gaobeidian Town, people along Guangqu Road will be able to enjoy both the natural beauty of the countryside and the conveniences of modern living.


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