Drones can fly longer using bird-like claws

A new research highlights that drones could stay out far longer by using bird-like claws since it’d require less energy than hovering in mid-air.

Drones can fly longer using bird-like claws“Birds usually fly somewhere and they stay at the top of the roof or some tree branches,” Kaiyu Hang, a roboticist who worked on the research at Yale University disclosed.

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Researchers came up with a bird-inspired design that act as the drone’s “modularized landing gears”. The claws are designed to extend and save battery power by allowing the drone to both perch and rest.

And the modular claws could have other benefits, too.

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“If you perch, for example, underneath a bridge or underneath the eaves of a building you can ride out storms or bad weather that would make it hard to fly.”


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