Pakistan’s premium momentum tech conference 2019

Pakistan’s premium ecosystem conference and exhibition aimed to bring all the startups, technologists and investors under one roof “The Momentum Tech” a two-day conference focused on the future of digital payment services of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s premium momentum tech conference 2019The ultimate aim of the Startup and Tech Expo at Momentum 2019 is designed to motivate and persuade the cutting-edge technology and innovation that is determining the future altogether.

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Nadeem Shaikh President of Digital Financial Services for VEON, talk about the future of digital payment services and what needs to be done in ensuring that a sustainable financial ecosystem is developed through local talent in Pakistan.

He put emphasis on all aspects of the customers’ life and then using technology to dive the barriers that are holding the digitally expelled back. These elements combined can lead to a state of ‘Financial Wellness’ which has the remarkable latent to make over lives.

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He ended saying that “It is not about selling a product or a service, but about building a solution to every individual’s need.”

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