Police robot created to halt blitz traffic safer

An engineer at SRI International has created a ‘police robot‘ that aims to make traffic stops safer for police officers and motorists. Robots are taking wedding photos, pile boxes, and delivering snacks. 

Police robot created to halt blitz traffic saferA prototype of a robotic system designed to make traffic stops safer that allows police officers to interact with a driver from their car, and even deploys pierce to prevent the driver from speeding away.

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“Every year drivers are pulled-over in traffic, motorists have physical force used on them,” said Senior Robotics Research Engineer. “With such dangerous interactions between people, maybe it’s time to send a robot in between them, one that can’t hurt or be hurt.”

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The robot is operated from inside the police car, and is equipped with a camera, and a printer that dispenses the traffic ticket. The upcoming prototype will feature stowing at the front of the car, access to both driver and passenger windows, and will have the ability to be operated from outside the police car via a mobile app.

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The robot is a “work in progress” that he started in his garage and now work on at SRI international. “It’s only part of the solution, but I hope one day it could save lives,” he said.

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