Standard Chartered receives Best Commercial Bank 2019 Award

Standard Chartered Pakistan has been recognized as the Best Commercial Bank 2019 by Management Association of Pakistan (MAP).

Standard Chartered receives Best Commercial Bank 2019 Award

This award is a recognition of Standard Chartered’s superior and unmatched product suite and banking capabilities. Since inception Standard Chartered has launched several products and solutions to meet the needs of its diverse set of clients and is also known for providing best in class service.

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Shahzad Dada, Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Pakistan said, “We are delighted to have won this important recognition for our Banking services.

This award is a testament to the exceptional performance that the Bank has achieved while servicing different client segments in the country. Pakistan is one of Standard Chartered’s most important markets globally and we remain committed to providing our clients with world class financial products and services that cater to their specific needs.”

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The Bank was competing with some of the largest local players in the Banking Industry and has won this award on the basis of its competence and commitment to the clients.

Management Association of Pakistan selected winning bank based on thorough evaluation of the competing banks on factors such as: Dividend practices, Financial evaluation, Pakistan Stock Exchange Standards and management questionnaire as well as interviews of senior management. 

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MAP is a professional Association, a not for profit and a non-political organization. The Association has an elected board of directors from Pakistan’s top companies. MAP has dedicated its efforts in promoting professionalism in management disciplines and best management practices.

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