First ever ‘Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Fail Fest’ 2019

Directorate of Science and Technology (DoST) in collaboration with CECOS University hosted the first ever Fail Fest of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to celebrate failure.

First ever 'Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Fail Fest' 2019The goal of this event was to change the perspective about failure as an end product and highlight it as part of the process towards success.

The festival consisted of audience made up of academia, researchers, government agencies, development practitioners, incubation centers and development agencies.

The event was equally embellished by artistically innovative practices of “Tree of Failure” and “Sketch the Failure.”

For “Tree of Failure,” participants were asked to put up their failure stories on fruit shaped sticky notes on the tree and for “Sketch the Failure,” two sketchers from CECOS University were requested to live-sketch the talk of each speaker.

The respected speakers of this event included Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Ali – Director Resource Development from NUMS, Dr. Rafi Us Shan – Chief Cyber Security Specialist from KPCERC, Ms. Tahira Kaleem – Co-founder from the Enlight Lab,

Dr. Umar Farooq – Director Incubation Center from University of Science and Technology Bannu, Dr. Qasim Mansoor – Director ORIC from Islamia College and Mr. Muhammad Ishtiaq Khan – Assistant Business Manager from PTCL

Dr. Khalid Khan, Director at Directorate of Science and Technology (DoST) appreciated the speakers for being courageous enough to come up and speak openly up about their failures.

Dr. Tariq Zaman – Director ORIC, CECOS University urged upon the audience to emulate on all the lessons learnt from the failure stories shared during the Fail Fest 2019.

Fail Fest

Fail Fest

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