Can you get local channels without cable?

Enjoy a wide range of television entertainment without breaking the bank.Television has been a major source of entertainment for decades but watching television can be pretty expensive. 

Owing a television set isn’t enough, you have to own cable tv to enjoy a full range of channels that cater to your everyday entertainment needs.

Cable tv comes in different packages from $40 for a regular package to as high as $150+ for a more comprehensive package, in some cases these packages are exclusive of taxes, installation charges, fees and even monthly equipment rental fees.

For a regular household, this might be a bit high and make quite a dent in your monthly budget, so people are always on the look out for ways to watch local channels without cable.

Depending on the area where you live, there just might be a variety of local channels you can enjoy for free. Now, you just have to know how to access these channels. There are some ways by which you can get to bypass paying the high amounts for cable tv and still have access to your local channels. They are;

  • You can watch local channels online

With an internet access, you may be able to watch local channels online e.g. MSN watch online. There are some local channels that offer free viewing of some of their shows. e.g. CBS, ABC, NBC. Depending on your area, you might have access to some options like live streaming on some of these national networks but most of them do not offer live streaming. CBS on the other hand has an All Access option which for $5.99 a month, offers live streaming of their channel. This is still dependent on the are in which you live.

  • HD Antenna is the answer to your local channel needs
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The first thing you need to know about getting a HD Antenna is where you place it and how high it will be. Now, depending on your area, you might have to place the antenna as high as 30-40 feet above the ground to access the local channels available in your area. The type of antenna you get also matters a lot.

There are different antennas available and they have their specific functions. A directional antenna is best used when you know that the broadcast stations are located in one single location from your home. The directional antenna will then focus its power in that one location.

When you have a situation whereby the broadcast towers are located in the same direction, but the difference lies in that they are in different locations, then your answer is in a multi-directional antenna.

There is also an omnidirectional antenna that helps you access multiple towers in multiple locations or the option of still using a directional antenna that has a remote control to move it in whatever direction you need it to be so as to access the local channels been broadcast.

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These antennas can also be indoors or outdoors. Indoor antennas are good if you live really close to the broadcast stations or you live in a condo, apartment or townhouse where you can’t install an outdoor antenna but if you can install an outdoor antenna with no issues please do as you would get better reception.

  • Mobile Apps are the way to go

We are in the tech age. Our smartphones are not only a means of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, we can also use them for our viewing pleasure. Several of these local channels have their mobile apps which allows viewers to download on their smartphones and devices for free.

Networks like ABC, CBS, NBC have mobile apps that give you access to stream local tv shows on any of these your devices without the aid of a cable or subscription. You have to know that each app works differently from the other.

The NBC app gives viewers the option of recent episodes of some of their latest shows in addition to some older episodes and shows to view on your mobile device. Although live streaming on your mobile device requires you to have a cable or satellite provider.

The ABC app on the other hand offers you live streaming, archive viewing for free, but this is dependent on the area in which you live. In some large cities like New York, Chicago, the access to these options via your mobile devices will be through a cable or satellite provider.

The CBS app offers live streaming of shows and episodes of new shows through their CBS All Access package for a certain fee per month.

  • Watch your shows through a streaming service
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There are a variety of streaming services that are available to you. There is Netflix, Hulu which might also give you the option of watching your local tv programs been broadcast by your local stations. You can then watch through you tablet or your smartphone.

These network content are accessible when they are posted online which you can then access through the streaming service. All your laptop needs if that is the device you choose to use, is a HDMI cable and most importantly, internet access.

  • Install your local stations official free apps

Local stations within the area where you live have their official free apps which you can use to access their content. Unlike the major networks apps that might need a cable or satellite provider, the local stations content is made available for just the areas in which their stations are.

All you need is an internet connection, your device either a tablet, laptop, computer, smartphone and you are on your way to streaming a variety of content from your local service networks.

So, everyone wants to enjoy their favorite shows but still within a budget. Therefore, the best way to go about this is with any of these options listed either from major networks or local networks.

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