New technique to turn CO2 into rock for cleaner air

Scientists are turning the world’s most dangerous greenhouse gas CO2 into solid stone using new technology that mimics a process of carbon being absorbed by basalt rock that could help clean the atmosphere of carbon dioxide.

New technique to turn CO2 into rock for cleaner airThe method, which is being devised works by turning C02 into what researchers describe as ‘fizzy water.’ By capturing CO2 using steam and then converting that into condensate, the scientist are able to dissolve the C02 into water.

That combination is then piped several miles away where it deposited under high pressure into basalt rocks that stretch 3,300 feet beneath Iceland’s surface

This is where the solidification process begins when the CO2 filled liquid comes in contact with the calcium, magnesium and iron in the basalt, it starts to mineralize.

Despite increased interest in technology that mitigates emissions of greenhouse gas around the world, methods of carbon capture and storage like those used by researchers in Iceland have been slow to gain steam. 

In a recent proposal, experts floated the idea of turning air conditioning units into carbon capturing devices which could then turn the gas into synthetic fuel. 

Under the Paris climate agreement, Iceland has aimed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

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