World Intelligence Underwater Robots Challenge

The World Intelligence Underwater Robots Challenge opened in North China’s Tianjin municipality, providing a platform for international teams to showcase the function and intelligence of underwater robots.

World Intelligence Underwater Robots Challenge

The competition, with the theme “Dream pursuer in the water, intelligence winner in the future,” is one of the five competitions being held during the third World Intelligence Congress.

Two venues are set up for the competition, including indoor enclosed water and outdoor open water.

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The underwater contest is held in the indoor water. Underwater robot’ comprehensive performance will be evaluated upon underwater speed, photography, grasp, precise work, and other catagories.

Emergency rescue contest will be conducted in outdoor open waters.

This competition attracts 13 teams from China, the United States, Japan and Australia. Meanwhile, many well-known Chinese and foreign scholars and representatives of enterprises and public institutions in underwater intelligent robots and marine science and technology have been invited to this event.

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