AI smartphone app detect ear infections through paper

AI smartphone application created that can easily help diagnose ear infections, with the help of the phone’s microphone, its speaker and a small paper cone.

AI smartphone app detect ear infections through paperA team of researchers from the University of Washington developed.The app sends short, sound pulses through the small paper funnel and into the ear canal.

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It then measures the echo of the sounds, and an algorithm in the app uses the reading to predict if there is fluid behind the eardrum one of the common symptoms of infection.

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The smartphone app focused on diagnosing ear infections in kids. It involved about 50 children that their ears checked with the app.

The tool turned out to be correct about 85% of the time, which is comparable to the technology already used in clinical settings.

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According to sources, the app is still in development and hopes to require FDA approval by the year’s end before hitting the market by early 2020.

The team hopes that this app might help parents easily diagnose ear infections in children in future.

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