Bio-glue that can seal Heart wounds within seconds

The life-saving bio-glue quickly morphs into a non-toxicBio-glue that can seal Heart wounds within seconds hydrogel that is able to withstand both slippery surfaces and the pulsing of the heart tissue. The team believes that one day it could help stop hearts and arteries from uncontrollably bleeding.


The glue was tested on pig models, where a gel like substance forms a seal around tissue openings in just 20 seconds after being activated through UV light, which is shone at an opening using a hand held torch, as per Daily Mail.

The gel is made up of water, gelatin and a mix of chemicals that is injected into the injured tissue. Once activated, it quickly sets and forms a waterproof seal, stopping blood-like liquid leaking through. Since the glue is effective on wet tissues too, it eliminates the need for staples or stitches for closing wounds.

“With a UV flashlight or an optical fibre, this material can potentially be used for completely stitchless sealing, which make it a promising bio-glue for use in surgery and emergency clotting,” said lead author Hongwei Ouyang.

The glue repaired the pigs’ hearts without the need for stitches in further experiment. The pigs even made complete recovery with no abnormalities or side effects. Moreover, the gel is able to withstand up to 290mmHg blood pressure – far more than what most doctors usually deal with and far beyond what other glues can handle, wrote Science Alert.

The team claims that the application of the life-saving bio-glue could range from surgery to the battlefield or civilian catastrophes, either accidental or deliberate. The team believes that the technology will be available for human usage within three years.


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