Error in Clash of Civilization

Civilization Clash: When we think about the clash, we creates the image of physical fight but, there is so many types of clash at international and domestic level.

Error in Clash of CivilizationAnd when we analyze the clash or event, we can use our wish and as well as reason, we can reach the conclusion through wish full thinking process but every conclusion is not the truth or reality, the wish full thinking process is very easy for reach the conclusion, just close your eyes with brain, use the pre-existing wish or knowledge and get the wish full conclusion.

In the theory of Clash of Civilizations, after the collapse of USSR, people find the clashes and bomb blasts all over the world and especially, the incident of 9/11, and after, the speech of president Bush, in which, he declared a war for the preservation of the western civilization, wish full thinkers declared it as the clash of civilization and after 18 years.

Mostly people think the clash of civilization is real destiny, which is behind the all events till today, but if a person wants the truth or reality then he has to analyze the situation or event by a thought full reasoning process with open eyes and brain, reason will bring you to the truth or nearest to the truth.

Now, if we forget the analyzing of world social, economic, political and physical clashes or conflicts for some time and look to the reason, that, what reason says about the principles about analyzing of  any situations and events, then, it is very simple if your eyes are opened with brain,

Reason tells us that, the all events and situations will explain through the system, in which they are happened, and that system will govern the all events and situation as sovereign master, all other things, which perform in that events or situations just can be use as tool or instrument.

Hence, the main thing is, firstly, we have to find the structure of the system in which the situation has been created or the clash has been found, so, the reason has baring the main feature of analyzing the situation or event.

Now, then if we analyze the world social, economy, political and physical clashes or conflicts, first we have to find the world-system and its structure, and the world-system is modern nation state system and the structure is, states are the main and sovereign actor of this system.

So, according to this system, reason tells us that the all the civilizations, religions, languages, races, ethnics etc, are serving the states and states are using them as a tool or instrument and all other things can not be sovereign master of the events or situations which are happening under this system all around the world,

The non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, international organizations, and the non-state actors are serving to a state or some states, it depends on the power of states, the events are producing by states and the states are the sovereign master of the situations, clashes and conflicts.

Some time we feel that the situation is out of control to a state, but it dose not means that situation is out of control to all states, if the one or some states loose the control over a situation or clash or conflict, then its means, some other one has taken the control or many others have taken the control.

However, if all sates loose the control over situation, clash or conflict, then, its means, a new state has been emerged, who has the control over it. But, as we know that the all system exist around the nation states and the national interest is the fundamental goal of states,

So we can say about the clash of civilization that the clash of civilization can be use as instrument or tool for achieving the goal but it will not the destiny. The event of that clash could not explain by civilizations, because civilizations will not the sovereign master of that clash.

Kamran Malik

i am student of IR

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