China to provide drinkable water in Pakistani schools

Now a days in Pakistan access to hygienic water is a major looming challenge, to encounter this concern China geared up to endow 1,500 schools of Pakistan with clean drinkable water.

China to provide drinkable water in Pakistani schoolsVice-President of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Yaping along with delegation met with Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry in Islamabad and announced that clean drinking water program.

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Mr Zhang Yaping, while reiterating China’s cooperation with Pakistan in every meadow, said that his country will help provide drinkable water in Pakistani schools.

Deputy Ambassador of China apprised that his country has been offering 35 bilateral training programmes to Pakistani citizens, which can be extended to 1,100 more people belonging to different walks of life.

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Minister for Science and Technology Fawad thanked the Government of China for extending collaboration to Pakistan in every field of life. He urged the delegation to cooperate in establishing science laboratories in Pakistan in accord with international standards.

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