UK-Pakistan to produce biopesticides in Pakistan

UK-Pakistan Science and Innovation Global Network (UPSIGN) jointly hosted a two day workshop to develop bio-control strategies and produce biopesticides in Pakistan and to address the mounting concerns of food safety and security.

UK-Pakistan to produce biopesticides in PakistanScientists and researchers from Pakistan and UK determined to develop biopesticides in Pakistan besides developing smart surveillance system for crop pests, disease monitoring and forecast in order to countenance the food challenges.

Professor Dr Tariq Butt who leads natural products group at Swansea University was the host of the workshop in UK, Dr Mamoona Chaudhry from UVAS is leading the Animal Health group and Dr Waqas Wakil from University of Agriculture (Faisalabad) is leading Biopesticides group in Pakistan.

Unluckily, in Pakistan not a single registered biopesticide is available compared with pesticide market. Livestock diseases are also causing massive economic losses due to reduced productivity and humanity.

Mycotoxins in food products are a major safety concern both for local and international markets, limiting the country’s export.

The group decided to collaborate to deliver following solutions through bringing appropriate organization on board from the UK and Pakistan; smart surveillance system for crop pests and disease monitoring and forecast.

Using remote sensing technologies including UAVs, and satellites, Developing Biocontrol strategies and produce biopesticides in Pakistan, IPM solutions to lessen the over use of chemicals for pests.

Moreover, reducing post-harvest losses and addressing the issue of food safety due to mycotoxins, smart monitoring of livestock diseases contagious to humans are negotiate for betterment of the country.

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