Dollar being traded at Rs153 puts Pakistan in dilemma

The scorching US currency dollar decreased by Rs1 in the open market and was being traded at Rs153. The hike in dollar declines the economy of Pakistan to an extent which puts Pakistan in dilemma.

Dollar being traded at Rs153 puts Pakistan in dilemmaIn the international market, while registering an initial decrease of Rs0.32 earlier in the day, the dollar gained Rs0.03 and closed at Rs151.95. 

The continual incline of the Pakistani currency has faced a decline of over 5% last week in the rouse of a $6 billion loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered action against dealers and companies selling American dollars at higher rates to control the economy.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis have also started a social media campaign against dollar stash and the US insincerity. Concerning on this matter, Pakistani community rush to twitter to boycott the hike US currency ‘dollar’ to avoid the Pakistan dilemma

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