Goat meat a preferred protein source

Most of the People are planning for hoteling and giving order for goat meat ‘mutton’ in some of the reputed restaurants around their localities.

Goat meat a preferred protein sourcePakistan is among those Islamic countries, where the people like to eat goat meat as a source of mutton. They also preferred mutton in their weddings and other festivals as at the eve of Eid-ul-Duha. Very economical food obligations, the inexpensive grassing and household husbandry requirements increases the growth rates of goats in Pakistan.

That might be the main thing that makes the goat meat easily accessible to use. Because of its rapid reproductive cycle, speedy growth rate and excessive availability, the society favored the goat meat on their eating tables.

Due to a good appearance, better marbling qualities and after cooking aroma, the goat meat gave a better taste. In addition, the religious recommendations keep this specie on priority to be consumed among other domestic animals in Pakistan. It has the leanest muscular meat that contains less boney parts.

Apart from to the cross-bred animals, the two dominant goat species inclusively used for meat purpose, including Teddy and Beetal are much popular among Pakistani people. Teddy is famous for has rapid reproductive cycling while the Beetal is popular for has rapid growth and attained heavy bulk.

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From the latest research it has been clear that the 100g meat of goat, lamb and cattle contained total fat (g) 3.03, 16.48 and 7.72, and saturated fat (g) 0.93, 6.89 and 2.77, and cholesterol (mg), 75,93, and 79, respectively. The science also supports the consumption of goat derived mutton.

Many people have different likeness and dis-likeness in the selection of meat areas in animal body. Some people like to eat the brain (maghaz) and some is demanding for the heart and liver (takatuck), while some is trying to get the lower portion of the limb (pay). Rumen (stomach/ojri) is also popular among middle class community.

The selection of muscle ranged from the nick muscles, back muscles and the upper leg muscles. Meat chops is well-accepted among all majority of the people. It contains significantly meat of the long muscle that runs along both sides of vertebral column (back bone). The scientific name of this muscle is longissimus dorsi.

The chops of goat are liked by people because of its taste and texture. The main things that contributes to its properties is its marbling (fat contents in meat), glycogen reserves and ultimately the water holding capacity. The best marbling of meat in chops leads to its soft texture. This softness of chops is adored because its fibers are easy to chew.

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The small amount of fat streaks in the muscles intensify the flavor and taste of the meat. The meat chops contain the best required fat for the best taste. High marbling in these cuts gives the best flavor. Glycogen reserves starts depleting after the death. It gives rise to lactic acid production by its metabolism in anaerobic conditions, thus lowering the muscle pH.

This low pH fortifies the softness and water holding capacity of this muscle. The increased water holding capacity gives the meat a good taste in form of more juiciness.  In short, people like this cut of meat because it is soft, easy to chew and tasty in addition to scientifically proven healthy effect.

With the advancement of technology, it is not a difficult task to see if the meat is safe for human consumption. Most often cholesterol and other fat accumulate in the blood vessels, causing atherosclerosis (the narrowing of arteries), that makes heart pump with high compel. Blood pressure in the arteries increases that is called hypertension/ blood pressure.

This cholesterol deposition can also be dislodged from its place and can acts as partial or complete blockage of the blood vessels. That may cause heart attack in the consumer. In addition, the intake of fat rich food increases the calories in the body and can make the end user obese.

The saturated fat increases the low-density lipids (LDL) cholesterol in the blood circulation that may causes disorders of heart and blood vessels termed as cardiovascular diseases.

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Mature goat meat is lower in cholesterol and saturated fats and is higher in unsaturated fats thus it is healthier for the consumer to maintain their body cholesterol. This also protects the consumer health from rising blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. It is healthier for the patients facing such diseases.

Goat meat contains maximum amount of iron and vitamin B12. Iron is a rich source of our red blood cells (RBC) as hemoglobin producer. Hemoglobin is associated with the oxygen transport throughout the body. Vitamin B12 is associated with the production of RBCs.

Thus, by using goat meat we can prevent anemia (due to less RBCs production or also owing to loss of hemoglobin). Consuming such meat is also healthier for patients suffering from such diseases.

Nervous system is the controlling system of our body. It works by passing the signals through nerves. This passage of signal needs the presence of potassium and sodium. Eccess amount of sodium is also not good for the body functioning and leads to toxicity.

Goat meat also contains higher potassium and lower sodium contents. Thus, consumption of goat meat can protect us from nervous disturbances. In conclusion, it is worth mentioned that science has proofed that goat meat is safe and healthy for the consumer health.

Authors: Mr. Inam-Ul-Haq and Dr. Arbab Sikandar

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