Pakistan’s official moon-sighting website launched !

Pakistan’s first ever official Moon-sighting website and mobile application launched in order to get rid of the moon-sighting controversy in the country.

Pakistan's official moon-sighting website launched !Ministry of Science and Technology take this initiative at its first priority to help Muslims across the world to mark their religious occasions without any difficulty.

Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry during the launching ceremony announced that the five year Hijri calendar is prepared with the help of experts, religious scholars that embraces the important dates from 2019 till 2024.

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Before the official launch of website the honored Mufti Muneeb , Mufti Poplazai and many other religious scholars have been taken into confidence concerning on Hijri calendar to share their opinion regarding the calendar.

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According to the Islamic calendar, this year’s Eid will be on June 5. Ministry of Science and Technology has taken a very good step to digitally impart Islamic calendar at very ease.

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