Huawei faces US charge is totally unjustified: Ken Hu

The US government has added insubstantial allegations on Huawei in order to rattle the broaden business operations globally and concerning this, charged Huawei to the Entity List.

Huawei faces US charge is totally unjustified: Ken HuDeputy Chairman, Huawei’s Ken Hu while addressing at the Potsdam Conference on National Cybersecurity in Berlin said that we believe this recent behavior is totally unjustified and it cause a great deal of harm to consumers and businesses in Europe.

Ken highlighted that in Europe, around three-quarters of smartphone users rely on an Android-based phone. Huawei’s accounts roughly for 20% of this market.

This sets a perilous example. It goes against the values of the international business community; ultimately it cuts off the global supply chain and disrupts fair competition in the market.

Not just tech giant Huawei this could happen to any other industry and company in the future if we don’t jointly meet head-on these issues.

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