New train plan will be put into operation in China

A new train plan will be put into operation in China starting July 10, to further enhance the transport capacity of the country’s railways, according to China Railway Corporation, the country’s rail carrier.

New train plan will be put into operation in ChinaAbout 39 pairs of trains for medium- to long-distance trips will be added for daily transport, while another additional 25 pairs of high-speed trains will operate during the peak summer travel season, adding an extra 260,000 seats daily. A batch of new high-speed trains will be put into operation to provide passengers with better service.

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The change will also make high-speed railway service available from some key stations along the Tianjin-Baoding High-Speed Railway, including Baiyangdian and Xiongan, to Hong Kong, which will bring the total number of railway stations in the mainland connecting to Hong Kong to 58.

The travel times between some cities will also shorten. For instance, passengers traveling from Beijing to Qingdao will only need to spend about three hours on the train, a reduction of 50 minutes.

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The 69 pairs of rail lines currently serving 14 cities — including Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Shenyang, Wuhan and Hangzhou — will be improved to provide full convenience to passengers.


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