Google maps new feature can save life, time & money

Google maps is testing a new feature that will come to the rescue your life, time even money by giving an advance warning telling you to follow the quickest available route.
Google maps new feature can save life, time & moneyTo enable this feature, when you get into the cab type in the destination and tap the Stay safer button at the bottom of the screen. The .31 mile allowance should be enough to allow a driver to make small variations because of traffic, personal preference or for some other reason.
If the driver stays on track, a banner on top of the screen will say “You’re on route.” If the driver is more than .31 miles off the route, you will get an alert on your phone.
To make this new feature work, Google disables the part of Maps that automatically comes up with new directions when a turn is missed, or an alternate route is taken.
A very potential initiative taken by the google to save the user precious life from anything unpredictable , moreover the money and the most important thing the “time’ that cant wait for anyone 

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