Khaadi goes digital with Tukatech technology

Technology has vigorously changed our lives by increasing the speed of time. Now that, the dominant Pakistani brand Khaadi embraced digital workflow with Tukatech Fashion Technology.

Khaadi goes digital with Tukatech technologyTo avoid the inconsistencies from manual pattern the designers adopt the modern technology to demonstrate their potential on a large scale. Previously the khaadi designers drafted patterns by hand on paper and assessed design and fit with physical samples.

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Now the fashion designers work from graded digital pattern blocks in TUKAcad. This frees them to make style line changes without disturbing the fit. In addition, they understand how each garment will adorn and fit with real-time motion simulation.

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So the new technology provides the flexibility, possibilities and correctness to each department that reviews the full collection digitally on TUKAcloud, before any physical samples are made.

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