Pakistan Study Center of Sci Tech & Economy at BTBU

Sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), Pakistan Study Center of Science & Technology and Economy at BTBU was officially established at Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU) on November 30, 2016.

Pakistan Study Center of Sci Tech & Economy at BTBUThe Center aims to develop into an international think tank dedicated to the research on Pakistan Science &Technology and Economy under the background of “The Belt and Road” initiative.

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Combined with both China’s national situation and BTBU’s goal to become a “double top” university (with top undergraduate teaching and top major construction), the Center is basically designed as  a “platform for international cooperation” and strives to become a “worldwide top think tank” with its focus on the research on development of Pakistan Science and Technology and Economy.

In the context of globalization, the Center aims to promote the close cooperation among industry, university and scientific research by rendering the services to the enterprises, governments, colleges, and universities, scientific and technological agents, etc.., and providing the consultations and the constructive solutions for Chinese enterprises to make the investment and trade in Pakistan.

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At the same time, through scientific and technological exchange between China and Pakistan, the Center aims to enhance their economic, trade, social, educational and cultural cooperation, promote their policy transparency and social integration,

Render the service to their overall development of national economy and social progress, and explore jointly the way to wipe off the poverty  and get rich for the two countries and even the countries along “The Belt and Road” Initiative through scientific and technological innovation.

By far, the Center has successfully held the “Academic Forum on China- Pakistan Scientific technology and Economic Cooperation under the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’” for 3 times.

The Center has collected and sorted the detailed information of scientific and technological associations and societies, colleges and universities, and scientific and technological agents in Pakistan, which will be published in the form of 1 list (“List of Scientific and Technological Organizations and Scientific & Technological Agents in Colleges and Universities in Pakistan”).

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Along with the research progress, the national strategic requirement of “The Belt and Road” Initiative and the related topics, the Center is planning to convene a fourth international seminar on Pakistan scientific & technological issues, in which the Center intends to take advice widely from all walks of life in the society to as to improve bilateral communications.

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