Space Scientist Dr Yarjan Samad a pride of Pakistan

Space Scientist Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad a pride of Pakistan becomes the first young enthusiastic space scientist at the world’s leading university of Cambridge.

Space Scientist Dr Yarjan Samad a pride of PakistanDr Yarjan works at the engineering department at the University of Cambridge and with the European Space Agency and other research institutions. His research work is to compose connection with the devices used in the space satellites.

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The devices in space satellites are operational without any energy and electricity and in addition provide cooling to the spacecrafts while in space.

Dr Yarjan told in an exclusive talk with Geo News that he belongs to a village, Buleda, Balochistan. He said “I am proud that as a Baloch and a Pakistani, I’m the first Pakistani to work as a space scientist at the Cambridge University.”

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Moreover, Abdul Samad said he was pleased to share his technology and experiments with the Pakistani Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) and also to instruct the Pakistani space scientists regarding the innovations.

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He added that the modern technology may be launched in Pakistan soon as it’s the right time for the country to take in the high-technologies and move with respect to the time restraint.

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