Electricity producing tiles developed by Iqra students

Technology is mounting vigorously and keeping the need of time the Pakistani talent come up with a pioneering idea and designed electricity generating tiles.

Electricity producing tiles developed by Iqra studentsA group of students from Iqra University, Karachi campus developed device that produces electricity when you stepped on it.

The logic behind the tiles is that it converts kinetic energy into electricity. Through this an adequate amount of electricity can be generated by these tiles to charge 7 to 8 batteries of UPS in just 2 hours if are installed in an area of 300 meters.

The mindgamers behind the electric tile are Ghalib Nadeem, Hafiz Waleed and Ali Akbar using wood and artificial glass concept to produce efficient electricity locally in Pakistan.

A very simple strategy of electric tiles is that all people have to do is walk on the grass and it would automatically make electricity as it is equipped with piezoelectric sensor. If we walk on it for five to seven hours, a phone’s battery could be charged.

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