Momentpin Event at NIC karachi

An app that revolutionizes the concept of privacy was the talk of the town when Nabeel Shaikh sat down with host Sohail Hashmi to launch the next generation social network – Momentpin.

Momentpin Event at NIC karachi

The app is a safe haven for parents, as it allows users to have an advanced private network to share their data. After its successful beta version, the app is ready to hit the market as an interview was held for that very reason.

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“Right now, the idea is not competition! Momentpin is a safe space for parents and my only aim is to shift the paradigm, and help people understand that even with the privacy features, regular social media is not private” – said Shaikh.

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Hashmi and Nabeel also talked about the child account feature. The feature is to allow parents to make an account for their child before they are even born and save their moments forever. The account can be handed over to the child at an appropriate age too.

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“The child account feature is a bridge between two generations. Creating an account for your child and sharing their moments at a young age is the perfect way to store and share memories.

As the child grows up, they can manage their accounts simply! The best part is that parents will know about their social media activity and their account.”

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