Plan9 launched Whizkids summer bootcamp 2019

Plan9 launched Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019 as part of a collaboration between HR Wing of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Information Technology University (ITU), Punjab.

Plan9 launched Whizkids summer bootcamp 2019

The Bootcamp, organized at Arfa Software Technology Park, and is meant for grooming the youth and aims to place the students in the preliminary stages of entrepreneurship by workshops and trainings.

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With special focus on STEM learning, the courses offered will have a blend of technology and entrepreneurship. The courses include Scratch, Robotics, Snap Circuit, Graphic Designing, Marketing and App Development, etc. Additionally, Creative Content Writing will be offered to enhance the writing skills of children.

The theme of the three-week long summer camp, beginning on June 24, is celebrating diversity both in terms of age and social stratification. Punjab Whizkids, therefore, encourages children from various schools to participate in the summer camp. Packed with interesting and educative workshops, it also offers exciting activities to students from ages 8-18. 

Punjab Whizkids 2019 will be divided into two groups of children. One group will have children with ages from 8-13 years and the second with ages 14-18 years. The initiative received an overwhelming response and hundreds of applications were received.

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However, due to space restriction, Punjab Whizkids could only accommodate 150 children. The innovatively designed summer program aims at delivering and nurturing future STEM experts.

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 The core purpose of Whizkids is to enable children discover their talents and develop their skills in the fast paced, tech-driven world. The coaching and guidance given during this summer camp would help the children to catch up with the global technology trends and identify their future paths.

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