Microsoft adding a dedicated Office key for keyboards

Microsoft is adding a dedicated Office key to keyboards. The new key would provide additional keyboard shortcuts for Office apps, including the ability to quickly share documents and files.

Microsoft adding a dedicated Office key for keyboards

Microsoft appears to suggest the key will replace the secondary Windows key on the right-hand side of a keyboard, or the dedicated menu key. Microsoft appears to be testing the concept with its latest Windows 10.

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Microsoft has had dedicated Windows keys on its range of keyboards for 25 years now, since the introduction of the Microsoft Natural keyboard in 1994.

Most keyboards that have adopted the 104 / 105-key layout include these two Windows keys and the additional menu key, as Microsoft will not certify keyboards for Windows use without the Windows flag keys.

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Moreover, Microsoft’s windows terminal is now live in the Windows Store, the command line app dubbed as Windows terminal was build earlier this year. 

The Command prompt will not immediately be replaced by Windows terminal, but the company does have plans of making the windows terminal the new default command line tool.

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The new windows terminal app from Microsoft features an updated interface and support from custom themes, multiple tabs and numerous other customize options which you can use to make it more of a personalized experience.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also included GPU-accelerated text rendering and support for various fonts and emojis. So something new and different from a boring and mundane Linux terminal.

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