Solar smart table to charge multiple devices at once

Wireless charging for mobile devices has become a must have feature. Considering, a Spanish firm has unveiled a solar-powered smart table that can charge up to 4 devices at the same time.

Solar smart table to charge multiple devices at once

A Spanish startup company table features a smooth top that has a sleek smooth finish. The dark glass top is accented by a polished metal frame. However, its best attributes are hidden by the sleek exterior.

Ebord has the ability to harvest energy from both the sun and artificial light sources. The energy can then be transmitted to devices that support Qi charging technology by simply laying the device on the table.

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Under the glass surface are more than 50 charging coils and a 10Ah battery that allows the solar-powered smart table to store and transmit energy to the devices.A

The solar-powered smart table is a giant step towards reducing power consumption by mobile devices, in that it uses light energy to provide power.

The table is waterproof and solid enough to be used as a standard table, as well as a charging station. Some models will even feature bonuses, like LED lighting and Bluetooth surround sound speakers.

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Technology is advancing, and this is just one more example of ways companies are managing to help consumers use more renewable energy resources in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

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