TUSDEC carry out tech-driven knowledge project

Technology Upgradation and Skills Development Company (TUSDEC) is implementing the technology driven knowledge based economy to meet the need targeted goal and overcome the neglected sectors of the country.

TUSDEC carry out tech-driven knowledge project

TUSDEC aimed to alleviate the disturbing issues regarding technological advancement and to highlight the neglected industrial sectors of Pakistan. The initiative focused on surgical sector and under this two more sectors with focus on electro-medical devices, dental and surgical implants.

TUSDEC CEO Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry emphasized the need of surgical sector of Pakistan. Considering the average world exports in surgical sector remained USD 178.6 billion during the period of 2013-2017.

As, Pakistan lag in electro-medical devices and surgical implants to overcome this contribution the high-tech project consists of following three phases.

In the first phase the complete study of Pakistan’s market including identification of prevalent international market competitors covering their studies, processes, products and innovation. Moreover, the comparison between Pakistan and the international market.

Under the second phase, particular focus will be accorded on enlisting the specific products, processes technologies and social, economic, environmental impact over Pakistan’s market with this technological integration.

In the third phase, developing detailed strategic plan and methodology for technology acquisition, identification of the interventions. The initiative taken is a good step towards the targeted goal of country.

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