Chinese Army conduct a drill test of large cargo drone

China’s National Defense University of People’s Liberation Army has conducted a drill to test capabilities of a large cargo drone.

Chinese Army conduct a drill test of large cargo drone

The drill, which took place in Zhangye, northwestern Gansu Province, consisted of three capability tests, namely fast-loading, medium to long range flight and smart airdrop, on the unmanned aerial vehicle.

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This is the first time a domestic cargo drone had completed a flight route of over 500 kilometers and carried more than 500 kilograms of cargo load, said Li Ruixing, head of the Joint Logistics College of the university, according to a report by the Chinese military news website

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The drone’s systems, including flight control system, measurement system and smart airdrop system, functioned well during the drill, said Bi Guangyuan, the drill’s executive director.


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