AI technology keeps on improving even more smarter

A deep fake video seen before, where clips of famous people are run through AI algorithms to say just about anything, but the technology keeps on improving and getting more difficult to detect.

The researchers and the new system lets users make edits to the written transcript of a video, and then has those edits spoken back through layers of digital manipulation. It’s quite literally putting words in people’s mouths.

According to the researchers, this could be used to fix small problems in an acting performance in post-production, but they also acknowledge that their creation could be used for more sinister purposes.

The newly created algorithm uses machine learning techniques to match words in a transcript with the movements of a talking head. At the moment it’s only been tested on videos showing people from the shoulders up, and it needs at least 40 minutes of sample footage to create a realistic-looking fake.

An intelligent AI technology smoothing mechanism is applied to make the speech seem more natural, then the resulting 3D model goes through a process known as Neural Rendering: this uses neural networks to bridge the gap between the 3D model and an actual face.

When shown to 138 volunteers, the finished AI technology videos were rated as “real” almost 60 percent of the time.

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