US firm, Net Power to invest in Pakistan’s solar energy

A prevalent US firm Solar Stick announced investments in the solar energy sector of Pakistan through a joint endeavor with Net Power Pakistan Private Limited Company.

Considering the efficiency of US company “Solar Stick” it has already introduced its mobile solar technology in Pakistan, which can be used to overcome the circular debt.

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The US Embassy Commercial Officer in Pakistan Mark Russel said we wanted to expand relations with Pakistan, and keen to invest in Pakistan as solar power had a lot of potential to far flung regions.

Net Power Pakistan Chief Executive Muslim Lakhani said several areas of Pakistan were still deprived of electricity. Keeping the timely need we work with solar stick to combat the looming solar energy concern.

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Muslim Lakhani added, the total demand for electricity in Pakistan stands at around 26,000 megawatts while the shortfall is calculated at around 7,000 megawatts, which can be easily bridged through solar energy and ultimately it reduced the production cost.

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As solar energy is a major renewable energy source with the potential to meet the targeted goals and challenges nation facing now a days due to shortfall of power. So, its good initiate between the US firm and Pakistan Net power company as its the key to future energy.

Ammara Khan
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