West air traffic control tower of Beijing completed

The west air traffic control tower of Beijing Daxing International Airport has passed acceptance checks. The control tower, an iconic building at the airport, will handle 70 percent of the airport’s take-offs and landings.

Covering an area of 2,000 square meters, the west air traffic control tower stands at a height of 70.3 meters, with 20 floors above ground and one underground. It comprises commander center, control room, equipment room as well as several other unique designs.

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According to Zhou Peng, project manager, the window of the control room, designed with 360-degree view, was pieced together with 12 modular glass units, with each glass unit weighing 1.24 ton.

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The glass being used was semi-tempered laminated glass combined with three layer which features strong rigidity, good flatness and resistant to spontaneous breakage.

The three-dimensional building information modeling – a model-based technology was also used in the design and construction process to make the installation with high accuracy.

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The control tower is currently under system installation and debugging, and will be put into service as scheduled. The new airport Beijing Daxing is expected to see its highway completed by the end of this month and scheduled to be operational before September 30.


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