Development of ORIC / TTOs

IRP based on extensive national and international working in the field of science and technology management presents a program for the development of ORIC.

IRC proposed four areas of ORIC development and like to work with universities for step by step development.

1.  Institutionalization of ORIC

The acceptance of ORIC by the faculty and students is very critical and challenging. Due to lack of service orientation and participatory approach ORICs are not accepted nor appreciated by the stakeholders.

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We propose following to ensure a very institutionalized way of ORIC policies and execution.

  • Two deputy directors from faculty along with director ORIC
  • Advisory committee consists of HoDs, Directors, and Deans to represent the university and make policies for ORIC
  • External advisory committee from chambers, business association, social sector, and government
  • Team of competent professionals to execute ORIC function

2.  Policy Making for Research

The policy is a fundamental instrument to inspire stakeholders, win the trust and ensure the right incentives for work. The research policy needs to be dynamic, responsive and keep changing to respond to rising challenged of research and technology culture in the university. 

  • ORIC needs to collect data from faculty on how to grow in research and technology
  • ORIC need to devise policies related to research incentives, IP rights, appraisal rewards, business rules and research management  mechanisms to satisfy internal faculty and external stakeholders
  • ORIC needs to ensure exceptional execution of policies to drive research and technology culture
  • ORIC needs to make revisions and continues improvement to respond to changing needs
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3.  ORIC Services for Research Grants

ORIC needs to develop a strong service orientation to help faculty submit and win research grants. The services should reach to the doors of faculty along with proactive follow up. Following services will help ORIC win the hearts of the faculty.

  • ORIC needs to identify grant opportunities for potential faculty members
  • ORIC needs to build capacity and inspire of faculty to submit and resubmit research grants proposals
  • ORIC needs to provide services related to financial planning, industry collaboration and language editing of proposals

4.  ORIC Services for Technology

The ORIC must plan to develop a technology portfolio of university and capitalize to bring maximum revenue from technology sale. ORIC must strengthen following services gradually

  • ORIC needs to identify the patent potential of university research and file maximum patents for future sale
  • ORIC needs to connect the maximum industry with faculty research for applied projects
  • ORIC needs to build faculty capacity for IPR, technology licensing, research commercialization and working with industry
  • ORIC needs to build its own capacity in technology management and commercialization
  • ORIC needs to develop strong marketing and promotional strategies to market faculty research and bring revenue from the technology sale 
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IRP Consultation

IRP likes to work with ORIC to implement above mentioned program. IRP has extensive experience of technology management, research commercialization, working with donors and S&T policy formulation.  

Author: Rahmat Ullah – Chief Coordinator at IRP

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