Ride hailing Careem titled the Pakistan Digi award ’19

The most in demand awards in the country the ‘Pakistan Digi Award 2019’ was held on 28th June to honor the struggle and effort of digital companies like ‘Careem’ in Pakistan.

Ride hailing Careem titled the Pakistan Digi award'19

The prevalent ride hailing service Careem were recognized and awarded in the ceremony for the second time making name in the list of best online transport service provider.

Asad Haider Khan, General Manager (South), said on the Pakistan digi award ceremony;

 “Careem is proud to have received an award recognizing our efforts in taking Pakistan a step closer in our journey of improving lives. We believe Online Marketplaces such as Careem are accelerating Pakistan’s leap into the digital future through the provision of efficient online services, not just in transport but in other arenas as well.”

The ride-hailing service has come a long way in Pakistan. It has created its own name and identity despite the competition. The company careem keeps introducing exciting offers for the people ranging from monthly packages, offers to air services and much more.

Although, there are some technical issues which are also under consideration and soon Careem find a solution to that too. Not only in ride hailing Careem is expanding its services in mass transportation, delivery and many other services to ease its customers.

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