Public figures violated tweets will feature less on twitter

Twitter is rolling out a new notice for tweets belonging to public figures that break its community guidelines. Now, if a figure broke Twitter’s rules, the platform could notify users of the violation and lessen the reach of the tweets.

Public figures violated tweets will feature less on twitter

This notice will only apply to tweets from accounts belonging to political figures, verified users, and accounts with more than 100,000 followers. If a tweet is flagged as violating platform rules, a team of people from across the company will decide whether it is a “matter of public interest.”

If so, a light gray box will appear before the tweet notifying users that it’s in violation, but it will remain available to users who click through the box. In study, this could preserve the tweet as part of the public record without allowing it to be promoted to new audiences through the Twitter platform.

If a tweet receives this notice, Twitter will feature it less on the platform. It will no longer appear in Safe search, the top tweets timeline, live events pages, recommended push notifications, the notifications tab, or the Explore page. The notice will not be applied retroactively, and it will only appear on tweets in violation beginning today.

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