Pakistan to uplift high-tech agriculture policy with china

The government of Pakistan will get hold of modern technologies from china in order to uplift one of strongest revenue-generating sectors ‘agriculture’ policy of the country.

Pakistan to uplift high-tech agriculture policy with china

Considering this, the Pakistani government announced to allocate 309 billion rupees (1.97 billion U.S. dollars) under the program to develop the country’s agriculture sector and strengthen the lifestyle of poor farmers of the sector.

Pakistan’s prime minister announced to revamp the agricultural policy saying that “We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China to bring Chinese technology to Pakistan to benefit local farmers. China’s (per acre) production in the agriculture sector is three-times higher than that of Pakistan.”

PM Imran Khan said that the loans on easy installments will be given to poor people in marshy areas to endorse and support shrimp and fish cage farming.

As, we all are familiar that Pakistan’s economy mainly depends on agriculture, but production in this sector is far less than that of technologically advanced countries as most of the farmers use old techniques to raise their crops and livehood.

To augment this, the government would mainly focus on the agriculture policy areas of farming, fisheries and livestock for enhancing per-acre yield and meat production. Moreover, will focused on the construction of small dams, and improving irrigation system to facilitate the farmers.

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