China to unveil green passenger jets by 2035

CHINA is set to unveil a fleet of new so-called green supersonic passenger jets by 2035, according to the country’s engineers.

China to unveil Green supersonic passenger jets

The communist superpower will join other nations in developing its own supersonic jets, according to new reports. 

Xu Yue, a senior engineer at the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment, told state TV the country was keen to challenge its international rivals in producing the aircraft. 

He added: “Green supersonic civil aircraft is currently a hot research topic internationally, as well as the direction of future aerospace development. 

“We hope that, through our own technological development and continued scientific investment, we can launch our own supersonic civil aircraft prototype in around 2035.”

His comments come after the country announced its desire to produce green aircraft during the China Association for Science and Technology’s annual meeting earlier this year. 

China has already tested a hypersonic plane that is capable of reaching a whopping 3,000mph. 

It has prompted fears, however, that it could be used to turbocharge China’s air force. 

But, the planned civilian aircraft will travel at the markedly slower speed of about 1,500mph. 

“We can launch our own supersonic civil aircraft prototype in around 2035” Xu Yue

The US is also developing its own supersonic jets – decades after the legendary Concorde first took to the skies. 

Boom Supersonic is racing to launch the so-called “Son of Concorde” – a needle-like, 55-seater passenger jet that will tear across the skies. 

The US company exclusively revealed to Daily Star Online in 2018 that a one-seater test version of the jet, called XB-1, will take to the skies this year.

Its founder Blake Scholl revealed the news after it emerged Virgin Atlantic and Japan Airways had already placed orders for Boom’s “Son of Concorde” which is called “Overture”.


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