Pakistan coal plants empowering tharparkar women

Pakistan Coal Plants helping women to bring a change in their lifestyle. A new coal plant in Tharparkar southern Pakistan is offering these women an opportunity to earn their own livelihood.

Pakistan coal plants empowering tharparkar women

The platform revolutionized the lives of people living in the poor rural communities. These women mostly worked in the fields or in the home considering this Pakistan coal plant provides an economic opportunity.

An enthusiastic women Nusrat Taj rides a 60 ton truck in Pakistan in the biggest open coal. In an interview with al-jazeera Nusrat told his journey and difficulties while riding a truck.

Nusrat said that she even don’t know how to ride a bike she is afraid when saw a truck but not now. It’s a source of livelihood for my family.

For this opening the coal plant provides training to the women of tharparkar to create awareness of the difficulties they faced. Many of the districts about million of people struggle to find jobs but the recent coal project created an opportunity for all those who seeking job.

Becoming a truck driver or any other profession for rural communities women isn’t only the job it is basically an empowerment which is changing the way the society is function for generations.

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