Facebook gets experimental with new ‘NPE’ apps

The social media giant created a team, known as New Product Experimentation (NPE), to design, build and launch apps that give people “entirely new experiences for building community.”

Facebook gets experimental with new 'NPE' apps

The new NPE apps will include the developer name, “NPE Team from Facebook.” Some apps could be free, while others might offer in-app purchases, Facebook said.

New product apps are expected to hit Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store, as well as the web, in the coming weeks.

The creation of the new team highlights Facebook’s efforts to develop features and services outside of its main social network, which has been embroiled in a series of privacy and security scandals.

Apps developed by the NPE team might serve as a proving ground for Facebook, could also help Facebook create a market for its planned Libra cryptocurrency, which it’s launching with partners in 2020.

Facebook said data collection will vary depending on the app. Some apps could allow users to sign in through their Facebook accounts. 

Facebook’s terms of service and data policy will apply to the apps released by the NPE team. The company will also be releasing “supplemental terms” for the team in the coming weeks before the new apps launch.

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