Meezan bank prohibit an action against Netflix payment

Netflix users can’t pay their subscription payment through Meezan Bank anymore due to the recent restriction as the premier Islamic Bank called it against shariah policy.

Meezan bank prohibit an action against Netflix payment

According to the meezan bank shariah council the international online streaming platform for movies and videos ‘Netflix’ is not according to the Islamic Point. The Bank shariah scholars raised an objection causing the interlude of the netflix media service.

The details of blocking payment to any entertainment app through Meezan Bank card revealed by a 26-year-old account user, Muhammad Ahmed Tariq .

Muhammad Tariq stated that “he could not pay to Netflix through his meezan bank card because the whole process is ‘Haram’.”

When he contacted the meezan bank officials, he was informed that the bank was working on it, adding the bank card could not be used if he was looking for the media-services provider Netflix payment because such a transaction was against the shariah policy of the bank.

Not only Meezan bank all other Islamic Banks forbid the services that is not as per regulations or Shariah Compliance Guidelines. The prevalent Islamic Meezan Bank can also restrict or cancel the user card if it is used for similar services or products.

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