HEC to initiate a two-year associate degree program

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) announced to initiate a two year Associate Degree program by the coming next year to make sure employment opportunities for the dedicated learners.

HEC to initiate a two-year associate degree program

Executive Director HEC Lt Gen (retd) Muhammad Asghar taken the decision concerning on recruitment juncture. The decision aimed to perk up quality of learning and instill knowledge and skills in graduates required by most workplaces.

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Executive Director HEC stated that two years associate program is being launched for those higher educational institutions that are currently incapable to set up four years Bachelors (BS) Program.

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In this regard, the Associate Degree program would be comprised of skills courses and it would also guarantee the employability of students after two years of degree completion.

The objective of this associate degree program is to facilitate the learners associated to higher education. The ultimate aim of this program is to endorse and put forward the premium higher education for dedicated learners.

The higher education commission (HEC) launches the associate degree program in persistence of its efforts to enable the country’s higher education sector to become more finest, efficient and effective in academic excellence, management and problem-oriented research and to make accessible the employment platforms at diverse workplaces.

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