IT park to be set up at provincial capital Quetta

For the first of its kind Information Technology (IT) Park to be establish at provincial capital ‘Quetta’. The government of Balochistan aimed to expand IT enterprises with an estimated cost of Rs 500 million.

IT park to be set up at provincial capital Quetta

The Balochistan Government stated that the government is working to convert 100 secondary and high schools by introducing virtual technologies with the cost of Rs 45 million to educate the keen aspirants in the remote areas of the province through online learning system (e-system).

The provincial government had allocated Rs 200 million rupees in the current Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) to set up Quetta Data Centre and moreover aimed to replace paper based data with mobile phone applications to smooth the authoritarian procedures to make sure efficiency and on-time delivery.

The Balochistan government had allocated Rs 1.867 billion for expanding economic contribution in the province whereas the initiative had been taken while considering the significance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Furthermore, the Quetta provincial government had also released a grant of Rs 325 million for the annual expenditures of the information technology department.

The set up Information Technology park is a step forward towards the provincial capital Quetta a big urban centre that open doors for local and foreign investors to set up industries and do business in many other sectors in Balochistan.

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