Qatar to upgrade Pakistan’s airports with high-tech

Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has made a proposal to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan concerning to transform Pakistani airports with the emergent technology and designs.

Qatar to upgrade Pakistan's airports with high-tech

As per details, the Qatari Emir also recommended to outsource the up-gradation process of existing airports. Qatar will renovate all old airports of Pakistan by providing financial and technical assistance.

The proposal unveil that on the model of Qatar airport, all the obsolete airport system and infrastructure will be revamped through the modern high-tech and lay out.

Keeping in line the Qatari proposal the government of Pakistan will chair an important meeting in this regard. Else the proposed one, the government believes that to facilitate investors and tourists the up-gradation of airports is necessary, however, the Civil Aviation Authority had shown reservations with regard to outsourcing of the services of Pakistan’s airports.

PM Imran Khan admits that there is an immense potential of tourism in the country and if the government succeeds in utilizing this potential it can attract a substantial foreign exchange in the country.

For this purpose, Pakistan’s PM has summoned a meeting for consultation which is expected to reach a final decision for converting airports with latest amenities..

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